California State Contractor C–11 License #1050622


Excellent Elevator Maintenance and Repairs in California

Look to Valley Elevator Inc. for your elevator maintenance and repairs in California to get your equipment to its optimal state. We have proven experience delivering swift and exceptional results. We will also listen to your concerns, check on your equipment, and draw up a proposal both parties can agree on as soon as possible.

We have several services to offer our customers, including:

  • All-Inclusive Contracts
  • Elevator Repair and Maintenance
  • State-Required Testing
  • Troubleshooting
  • Modernization
  • Metal Cleaning

Our technicians have maintained and repaired a wide range of equipment, from elevators in early 20th century buildings to modern computer-controlled elevators. We have provided elevator services in other locations in California, from Sacramento to Eureka, Bakersfield, and Fresno.

Our crew has the knowledge, expertise, and equipment necessary to troubleshoot and diagnose your elevator problems and repair them properly.

We maintain professionalism and approachability toward our customers, so you can always depend on us and tell us what you think. We will do our best to make it happen.

Elevator Modernization

Modernizing your equipment is a great way to eliminate recurring problems for your elevators. Moreover, this boosts your equipment’s reliability and minimizes the tendency to run into machine failure.

Installations of new machines and controllers are the primary modernization projects included in our services. For old equipment, we furnish the inside of your elevators with new cab interiors upon request. We also install non-proprietary equipment that can be maintained and repaired by qualified technicians. You are welcome to request cost-efficient, readily available upgrades and replacement parts.

Contact us to start discussing your elevator modernization plans today.  

Man Riding in an Elevator