California State Contractor C–11 License #1050622

All-Inclusive Maintenance Contracts

Elevator Maintenance Contracts in California

Choose Valley Elevator Inc. as your source for the best contracts involving quality elevator maintenance in California. Our contract options include inspection-only, testing-only, and all-inclusive, which consists of inspection, fire testing, state-required load testing, repair, and maintenance. Customers appreciate our all-inclusive option because it gives them access to our elevator services, such as installation, repair, and modernization, whenever the need arises.

Reasons to Sign an Elevator Service Agreement with Us:

  • We Tell You Which Areas Your Contract Covers

    Our contracts are written with easy-to-understand verbiage and are transparent down to the fine print. This makes it easy to know any additional expenses required for parts, labor, and tests. We are always upfront about expenses not covered by our primary services to help you avoid exceeding your budget. Feel free to ask us about state-required testing and other possible additional costs.

  • We Spare You from Shouldering Any Travel Costs

    Our main office is in Fresno, and our technicians are from the area. We promptly travel to your location whenever you need our help.

  • We Customize Our Contracts to Meet Your Needs

    We can easily shorten or lengthen the terms of your contract. In addition, we provide easy cancellation options if you are dissatisfied with our service or your contract term has expired. You can also choose the payment plan that works best for you, whether annual, semi-annual, quarterly, or monthly. Please note that we do automatic rollover at the end of the term if you have not sent in your cancellation within a specific window.

  • We Spell Out Our Charges

    Some maintenance contracts have easy-to-miss, industry-related jargon that can cause your initial expected bill to exceed your budget. Rest assured that we will discuss with you our charges for the entire term of your contract in thorough detail before you sign.

  • We Provide Due Diligence on Service Maintenance

    We ensure your service maintenance job will be done regularly, as stated in your contract. From monthly testing to diagnoses for repair, we communicate all forms of maintenance to you. In addition, we will not let downtimes and other possible service issues prevent us from performing proper maintenance procedures. We take pride in having gained customers who came to Valley Elevator Inc. to rectify deficiencies they discovered after working with other companies.

Turn to Us for State-Required Testing

Our company is qualified and licensed to provide various types of state-required elevator testing, such as:

  • Annual No-Load Tests
  • Semi-Annual Wheelchair Lift Tests
  • Five-Year Full-Load Tests
  • Fire Testing

Get in Touch

Contact us to schedule an appointment or learn about our 24/7 dispatch service. We look forward to hearing from you soon and earning your loyalty.