California State Contractor C–11 License #1050622

About Us

Elevator Modernization Company in California

Valley Elevator Inc. is your go-to elevator modernization company in California. We will enhance your elevator’s performance and appearance, making it safer, more efficient, and look brand new. Old parts will be replaced with new ones so the elevator will remain problem-free for a long time. Whatever issues you have with your elevator, we will promptly fix them.

Our mechanics will deliver outstanding elevator services with friendly smiles and high regard for your feedback. We respect your time; that’s why we have you speak with a skilled elevator technician who will provide solutions to address your needs. Our staff also values your trust in us; thus, we do our best to meet and exceed your expectations.

Reasonable Prices

Other elevator service companies offer high prices to compensate their sales, technical support, and management teams. At Valley Elevator Inc., however, our services come at reasonable prices, or we will align with your budget.

Our Credentials

Valley Elevator Inc. is a state-certified, qualified conveyance company with an active license (CC-19-012958). We are also a licensed California state contractor (CA C11 License #1050622).

Our certified conveyance mechanics can do the job anytime and anywhere in California.

Contact Us

Get in touch with us for more information about our services and to discuss the problems you are experiencing with your elevator. You can count on us to restore your elevator to its optimum condition.